Our values


We are passionate about making the e-commerce supply chain better and more flexible through the application of technology, engineering, and process design. To guide us on our mission, we use the following principles to inform every decision we make and project we undertake.


Get better every day. Overnight successes are rare. Breakthroughs are more often the result of consistent experimentation and improvement. We make our processes better every day by rapid prototyping, measuring our results, and permanently implementing the experiments that work.

Obsess over data. Building a highly accurate and highly efficient supply chain requires rigorous analysis. We believe in collecting data at every step of the supply chain so we can constantly measure and objectively analyze our performance.

Never stop asking, “Why?” A technique originally developed at Toyota to identify the real root causes of defects, continually asking why guides us to the root cause of each error so that when problems do occur, we can fix those problems at their foundation and prevent them from happening again. It also ensures we won’t settle for conventional band-aids. We never stop asking why and never accept the status quo.

Treat everyone with respect. A strong supply chain requires collaboration among many different stakeholders – suppliers, shipping carriers, employees, and clients. Such collaboration only happens in an environment where everyone is treated with respect and where each party’s voice is heard.


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