Director of Operations


    Reporting directly to the CEO and Founder and managing the build out and operations of our newest FC in Dallas, this is a unique opportunity to join a team of rock stars and help build something great. We are growing rapidly and dreaming big, and in this role, you’ll get a chance to learn a ton, take on a lot of responsibility, and make a big impact.

      The Director of Operations is directly responsible for managing a Fulfillment Center (FC) in the safe, accurate, and timely completion of fulfillment and inventory management operations.

        You will be comfortable wearing multiple hats, taking on full ownership of their operations, and leading and developing your team of Operations and Warehouse Managers, along with a team of up to 100 Fulfillment Leads, PIT Operators and Fulfillment Specialists.

          As the senior leader for a new FC, you are responsible for creating and building a culture of safety and exceptional performance. You understand that getting your hands dirty is a critical part of building and managing a world-class operation, and you will actively manage production operations on the warehouse floor as necessary. You inspire your team to continuously improve and develop operational processes, and you hold your team members accountable.

            You exercise very strong judgment, and provide excellent direct support to our clients. You are able to communicate clearly, both through the written word and orally, to Mochila’s clients about operational issues that may impact their business.

              You understand the broader policy implications of the actions you take, and you are able to make important decisions that impact the trajectory of the business.



              Specific responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

              • Lead all aspects of the FC, responsible for the overall safety, quality, performance, and customer experience of operations. You should be able to lead your team and the operation to consistently execute at world-class levels.
              • Foster a safe work environment and lead a safety-first culture in your FC. Demonstrate a commitment to safety first and foremost by leading by example, following all safety policies and coaching all team members and visitors to do the same. Develop and implement safety initiatives to maintain and improve operations safety. Actively share your knowledge and improvements made in your site through the FC network, and help shape and implement new policies and processes to continually strengthen the safety culture throughout the company.
              • Set and clarify requirements and expectations for your managers. Measure performance, provide feedback, and hold leaders accountable for their performance and the performance of their teams. Build a pipeline of operations leadership talent.
              • Drive the creation of quality initiatives and process improvements, drawing on the principles of Six Sigma and Lean and relying heavily on data analysis, to enable the department and the site to meet and exceed business plan goals.
              • Actively develop managers by sourcing and nurturing their ideas, coaching them on the principles of Six Sigma and Lean, and rolling ideas from your team into the creation of improvement plans for your FC, and ultimately, to share your best practices across the Mochila FC network.
              • Review work forecasts and determine staffing needs to meet the daily, weekly, and monthly, production goals, making adjustments as is needed and appropriate to ensure client experience and budget goals are achieved.
              • Provide exceptional support directly to clients: Manage accounts to ensure the client’s success, both operationally and financially, as well as assist with the onboarding of new clients. Help shape company policy and based on client interactions.
              • Actively develop new ideas and improvement initiatives, as well as help shape company policy, that support the company strategy and vision. Participate in strategic planning projects with company leadership to develop operational plans based on your innovations and improvements.



              • Ability to transform a broad vision into a tangible and successful operating plan, with demonstrated leadership skills to communicate ideas and to motivate and influence people.
              • Ability to handle changing priorities and to use good judgment in stressful situations.
              • A get-it done attitude.
              • Ability to operate in a continuous improvement environment where you will always be developing and implementing new ideas and creative solutions as well as improving existing processes.
              • Ability to plan, organize, and manage multiple projects simultaneously, and to make the appropriate trade-offs between competing priorities when necessary.



              • A completed Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited university; a degree in Operations, Supply Chain, Logistics, Business, Engineering or related quantitative field is preferred.
              • Direct management experience of an hourly workforce; experience with a contingent workforce and management experience in a manufacturing, production, or distribution environment preferred.
              • Experience as a senior leader in a logistics, manufacturing, or retail environment.
              • Excellent written and oral communication skills including an ability to effectively communicate with the senior leadership team, clients, and warehouse staff.
              • Ability to manage a team using performance metrics, as well as the ability to analyze large data sets to identify opportunities to improve performance. Must be comfortable using spreadsheet applications.
              • Ability and enthusiasm to learn new software applications and technologies.
              • Interest in long-term career development with a rapidly growing and innovative company.


              In addition, this position entails the following:

              • Ability to work in construction/distribution environments that may be noisy, unheated, and not air-conditioned.
              • Continuous walking, standing, bending, pushing, pulling, reaching, and handling in a warehouse environment, including regular bending, lifting, stretching and reaching both below the waist and above the head. Ability to walk an average of 10 miles daily, lifting of up to 50 lbs, and ability to access all areas of building (ascending and descending stairs and ladders safely and without limitation).
              • Ability to operate a Powered Industrial Truck (PIT).


              About Mochila

              Mochila Fulfillment is building proprietary software and robots that enable the assembly and shipping of orders for today’s leading e-commerce brands with very high degrees of accuracy, customization, and speed. Our clients include many successful, high-growth e-commerce brands such as Balsam Brands, Marine Layer, and California Closets.

                Mochila was founded in 2013 by an Amazon logistics veteran with 10 years of experience in various executive and operating roles. Leveraging our leadership team’s experience at technology companies like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon, we are particularly focused on the marriage of technology and process design to provide sophisticated, reliable, and scalable order fulfillment.




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