The Quality Solution

We build quality into our processes from the very first step.

Our quality assurance processes begin before your inventory arrives at one of our warehouses. It begins by building a thorough understanding of your products and fulfillment requirements so we can design the right processes, supported by our proprietary software, to deliver your brand promise.

Next, we ensure we have each of your SKUs correctly configured in our system. This enables us to have a high quality receive process. Before we take the first item off the truck, we make sure we have a record of the inventory expected to arrive at the warehouse. Then, every item is scanned twice – on two separate occasions – before it is stored in the warehouse. We then triple check the inventory received for any items that were not expected, recording and communicating in real-time any exceptions.

When an order is sent to Mochila for processing, we direct one of Mochila’s fulfillment specialists to pick your items from inventory using an Android app paired with a bluetooth scanner. These items are then sent to a packing area, stocked with your branded shipping supplies and dedicated to preparing your items for shipments. There every inventory item is scanned a second time to ensure accuracy. In addition, our software directs the packing specialist to scan each piece of packing material to be included in the shipment.

These processes allow us to process tens of thousands of shipments daily with extraordinary accuracy, speed, and customization – all designed to seamlessly deliver your brand to your customers.


Let us take your order fulfillment to the next level. Contact us to learn more.


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