The Mochila Advantage

Fast Delivery

All orders received before 1pm ship same day. And from our locations near New York and San Francisco, 80% of shipments are delivered in two days.

Superior Accuracy

Our software was built in-house based on years of logistics experience at companies like Amazon to ensure accuracy rates over 99.9%.

Custom Packaging

We handle complex, high-touch packaging requirements such as branded boxes, custom notes, tissue paper, stickers, marketing inserts, and ribbons.


We offer value added services to support your brand: kitting services, including unique kits tailored for each customer; custom gift wrapping and gift notes; letter envelope shipping for small items; laser etching capabilities for personalizing glass and wood items.

Customer Returns

We can process your customers’ returns including: complete product identification and inspection; fluff and buff services; refurbishment, repair, and parts replacement; re-kitting and re-packaging; returns to vendor, disposal, and liquidation.


When you partner with Mochila, you have a single, dedicated account manager who can ensure your issues are resolved and questions answered even if your inventory is stored in multiple warehouses. In addition, you can tap into our expertise for special projects.


Let us take your order fulfillment to the next level. Contact us to learn more.


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