About Us

We are fulfillment experts.

We forged our unique blend of expertise in both logistics and technology at world-class companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.

We’ve spent time operating at massive scale: managing fulfillment centers processing hundreds of thousands of packages, and building enterprise software that handles millions of transactions a day.

This unique brand of horsepower has allowed us to help our clients grow from 3x to 10x.

Jim Sharkey writing math equations on a chalkboard
Over a dozen cardboard and paper packages squeezed together

The fulfillment and logistics component of a business is a critical component of a brand’s growth, and it’s at this exact juncture where our expertise shines.

Our experience working with ecommerce giants and leading modern brands gives us an intuitive edge in solving our clients’ most complex problems, as well as scaling their businesses.


We aim to be thoughtful, practical partners providing intelligent worry-free fulfillment that just works.

By helping brands deliver on an excellent customer experience, we help our clients cultivate customers for life.

Our expertise is only part of our secret sauce. It is also coupled with transparent communication — the foundation of any lasting partnership. We work closely with you to identify potential supply chain problems and develop solutions before they impact your customers.

Two facility managers viewing their monitors overseeing the warehouse
Lady smiling while scanning packages on a cart in a warehouse aisle

It’s not so much that we find these fulfillment challenges easy — they’re not. It’s that we’ve had decades of experience having seen and solved nearly every fulfillment problem imaginable. We bring this expertise to Mochila and to our clients.

As your partner, Mochila confidently navigates the challenges of scaling and growing fulfillment for premium brands — deepening customer loyalty, strengthening your brand, and ultimately increasing customer lifetime value.

And that’s why our clients seek us out and trust us to partner with them year after year.

How we started

Our founder, Jim Sharkey, never thought he would end up becoming a warehouse and logistics expert.

As Jim says, “I went from an over-educated analyst who had no idea what it actually took to run a warehouse to relishing a career where I am very often inside our warehouses, rolling up my sleeves to ensure our clients - which very importantly also means our clients’ customers - have a world-class fulfillment experience.”

Jim talking with a person in front of a drawing board

How did it happen?

Long before ecommerce fulfillment was trendy, Jim was drawn to logistics by his love of numbers and passion for solving hard math problems.

Although obsessed with these analytical challenges from the start, he didn't initially also connect that a vital component of operational excellence is not just the nerdy problem solving aspect of logistics, but just as importantly, the on-the-ground execution and leadership.

“As one of my mentors counseled me,” said Jim, “if you really want to be an operations leader, you have to spend time on the floor where the work actually gets done.”

And so Jim went from working with PhDs on super-hard optimization problems to the nitty-gritty world of managing operations in Amazon fulfillment centers. That’s where he spent time in the trenches, learning what it takes to achieve a world-class fulfillment experience from the bottom up.

That’s when Jim had his ah-ha moment: A world-class fulfillment experience must have the right mix of technology and hands-on execution.

And that’s how it all began.

With some personal savings, Jim rented a small warehouse space converted from a glass manufacturing plant. He proceeded to build Mochila's now well-integrated technology and operations machine piece-by-piece, managing fulfillment operations during the day and building software at night.

Our infrastructure has grown a lot since those early days, but our mission has not changed.

Jim sharkey smiling at a lady while showing her fulfillment stats on a whiteboard
A view of a man's hands as he scans the barcode on a pair of shorts

Mochila was founded to ensure premium brands could have a worry-free fulfillment solution, with the technology and expertise to ensure first-time buyers become lifelong customers.

If you ask our clients, they will tell you that Mochila’s unique blend of technology, expertise, and partnership creates a fulfillment experience that keeps their customers coming back.

Most importantly, they don’t have to worry about their fulfillment solution and can focus on growing their business.

Stop worrying about your fulfillment. Learn more about a fulfillment solution that just works.

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