High Touch Fulfillment for Premium Apparel Brands

When it comes to apparel - we’ve got you covered.

We offer our apparel clients a wide range of high touch services critical to their needs - and provided, of course, with the fast shipping and accuracy our Mochila clients know and love.

From branded and customized packaging solutions on the front end, to return-related services on the back end, we’ll partner with you to provide end-to-end services that maintain your brand’s customer experience standards and help you to retain your customers for life.

Gift wrapping, gift notes, monogramming, product inspections, refurbishment, stain removal, steaming, and more. Ready to get started?

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Streamline your returns process

Returns are an inherent part of the apparel industry. Mochila helps get your inventory back in stock quickly:

  • End-to-end tracking of a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)
  • Returns processed in days, not weeks
  • Refurbishment rules and services to optimize your recovery rate
  • Prioritization of returns with items that are out-of-stock
Mochila Studio
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Stain & Hair Removal

Removal of light stains and hair and steam pressing of garment...

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RMA Tracking & Prioritization

End-to-end tracking of returns from customer to the FC. Expedite the return of out-of-stock items.


Product Inspection

Inspection of inseam lengths, item widths, stitching, and color.

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Refurbishment Rules

Invest different amounts of time based on expected resale value.

Mochila Studio

Elevate your brand with personalization

Increase conversion and average order value by offering gift wrap, gift note, and embroidery services to your customers, and fulfill personalized orders alongside regular orders from a single pool of inventory, using a unified fulfillment solution.

Manage EDI and Minimize Chargebacks

Mochila offers a range of services to meet retailer requirements. Our proprietary software, coupled with our years of experience, enable us to handle the unique requirements of the working with major retailers.

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Hangers & Hang Tags

Mochila provides the right-sized hanger according to each retailer’s
specifications and can apply the hang tag specified by each retailer.

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Folding and bagging

We can fold, bag, and barcode items according to each retailer’s specifications.

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UCC Labels & Order Routing

Mochila can generate UCC labels in house and works with retailers’ transportation teams to route and  ship orders.

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EDI Integrations

Mochila has a direct EDI connection to all major retailers.

Section 321Section 321

Eliminate Customs Duties with Section 321

Reduce your customs duties by using Mochila’s fulfillment center in Mexico to fulfill orders to the US. Section 321 applies to most e-commerce shipments and allows companies to eliminate the fees associated with customs duties.

1. Import your goods duty-free via Long Beach, CA (in-bond) or Ensenada, MX.

2. Store your inventory at Mochila’s fulfillment center in Mexico, synced to your ERP in real-time.

3. Pick, Pack, Ship Your orders are assembled and then transported duty-free to San Diego where US shipping partners (UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc.) deliver your packages to customers in the US.

Manage fulfillment across all of your channels

Mochila has experience fulfilling a wide range of orders: Store replenishment, major retailers (e.g Nordstrom, Bloomingsales) - both wholesale and dropship, as well as direct-to-consumer.

Increase sales, improve inventory turns, and simplify your operations by working with one partner that can do it all.

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Store replenishment

Rapidly restock stores based on actually demand, increasing sales and inventory turnover

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Major Retailers/EDI

Turnkey solutions for major retailers, including EDI, routing, and prep.

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Direct to consumer

Enable dropshipping for all major retailers

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Business reviews

Fast shipping on all ecommerce orders to ensure fast delivery.

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